Thursday, May 28, 2009

Beautiful Beaches

Last night, my roommates and I booked our weekend trip to the beautiful Amalfi Coast for next weekend.

We booked through Bus2Alps, a travel tour Web site. Basically, we will get on a bus in Roma and travel to Positano, Capri, Sorrento and Pompeii for the weekend. It's such a great deal as it includes the tour, transportation and hostels all for 199 euro.

This is the part of studying abroad that I am most excited about. Ever since I heard about the Amalfi Coast, I have wanted to visit. It just looks incredibly beautiful.





Has anyone ever been to any of these beautiful places? If so, any suggestions on what we should do there?


maggie said...

i dont know much about any of these places.. however, i do know that gulianna rancik got married in capri.. and im pretty sure that little island in the picture has a restaurant on it where they had their rehersal dinner (this is 100% based on seeing the STYLE network show they did about her wedding like 4

Lindsay McHugh said...

Pompeii is just unreal. You know going into it that it's a preserved city, but it's not until you're actually walking through it that you realize how massive it is. Look for the brothel.

John Machado said...

I've been to all of them. Just explore and have a great time!

Andhari said...

Tose are very beautiful, Jess :)