Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Oh yeah.

I completely forgot that the reason I'm going to Rome in the first place is to study abroad! I guess that means I will be taking classes.

Just kidding. I am actually really excited for my two classes.

The first is Art History. The class meets in the classroom once a week and on site once a week, meaning we will be learning about art, and then going to see it in person! I'm not a HUGE art fan as of now, but I think it will be so cool to get to actually see the things we are studying.

The second class I'm taking is called Rome Sketchbook. In this class, we will be drawing and painting. I am NOT an artistic person at all, which is why I'm so looking forward to this class. My Mom (love you Mom!) thinks I'm absolutely crazy for taking this class because she knows my art skills, but I think I'm going to come home an artist. And, if not? It's going to be a good experience.

I only have class on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, so I'll have long weekends to travel!


Olivia Ragni said...

I am proud of you for taking classes outside your realm, it will broaden your horizons!

Jennifer said...

I'm excited to see your art! I haven't seen what your "skills" are as of now, but I have no doubt that they will grow exponentially based on my own experience with art classes. Plus, you'll be in ROME, where a good portion of the world's greatest art resides [including The Vatican, of course]. What more inspiration do you need?

Amber said...

I think this is awesome! Can't wait to see some of your work when you're done! :)