Saturday, May 30, 2009

First Week Of Classes

I made it through the first week of classes!

My classes are awesome. As I mentioned before, I am taking Art History and Rome Sketchbook (a beginner art course).

Art History:

My art history professor Paolo is amazing. He is a carefree Italian man who is apparently in his 50's, but looks like he is 30. He loves beauty, and often speaks of the body as being the most beautiful thing in the world. He cracks us all up with his adorable Italian accent and his funny sayings. Unlike the other section of this class, we don't have any lectures...we will be going on site every class period (lucky us; unlucky for the other section!)

He is very relaxed, and wants us to absorb everything in person, rather than sitting in a classroom trying to memorize things. Yesterday, we sat on a hill, and he read us part of a book about Hadrian's Villa for 15 minutes. It was so unconventional and not at all what I'm used to at Temple University Main.

On Wednesday,
we went to the Colosseum area and talked about the architecture of the buildings and the difference between the renaissance period and the classical period.


On Friday, we went to Tivoli, a beautiful hill town just 30 minutes outside of Rome. First, we went to Hadrian's Villa, which was awesome. Then, we headed to Villa D'este, an amazing villa with over 200 fountains.

Hadrian's Villa

Making our way up the massive hills at Villa D'este

Gorgeous fountain

Paolo and the lovely ladies in our class

Rome Sketchbook:

I can't draw to save my life, but I thought it would be fun to learn and take this class. My professor Anita is an ex-patriot, meaning she lived in the United States, and now permanently lives in Italy.

During the first class on Tuesday, we went to Pizza del Popolo and did blind contour sketches (meaning we couldn't look at the paper or remove the pencil from the paper until we were finished) and then regular contour sketches.

On Thursday, we went to Villa Borghese and did ink sketches by the beautiful pond. I'm still not good at art, but I'll share my first two pieces of work. I definitely am no expert, but I'm enjoying taking this class. It's very relaxing.

Contour drawing

Ink sketch

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