Tuesday, May 19, 2009

How Do You Pack For Six Weeks?!?!

Packing for six weeks has proven to be quite difficult.

I thought it would be easier than packing for a one week trip, because normally when I pack for a short trip, I have to plan out outfits and shoes, etc.

I thought this would be simpler.

Nope. Not simpler.

I'm bringing one large suitcase and a carry-on duffel bag.

I haven't put all of my clothes in the suitcase yet, but they are laid out neatly, ready to be put in.

We were told not to bring a lot of white clothes because they will turn grey there. This is bad for me because I wear white all the time!

So far, I've packed a ton of sundresses (cough14cough) because I figure they are lightweight and comfortable to wear. I've brought a few pairs of shorts and plenty of tops. I have a few cardigans for when its chilly and to visit different religious places that have a dress code. I haven't figured out how many pairs of shoes I'm bringing, but I'm working on that.

A lot of people suggested buying toiletries in Rome, but I decided just to bring mine for the sake of having it already when I get there. I hope that my toiletries don't weigh my suitcase down too much!

I still need to pack my carry-on and other things. It's a bit stressful, but hopefully I'll be able to get it all done!

Does anyone have any packing suggestions?


Anonymous said...

Rule I learned long ago, no matter how you packed, you're going to have more things to bring back.

That being said, either bring and old towel or buy a towel there and don't bring it back. This will give you extra space on your return for stuff you bought.

I hate to say it, 14 sundresses is a lot. I'd go w/ 6-7 and expect to buy something things there. (Seriously, you're in Europe, fashion is so much better. You're going to be buying clothes there.)

Bring shoes that will go w/ at least 3 different outfits. This will help limit how many you bring there.

Toiletries in Rome is an excellent idea. Just bring a travel size of everything for the plane & to get you started.

Finally, after you finish packing, walk around the block w/ your suitcase & duffelbag. If you can do it, then you're set. If not, get ride off things. Remember, you're going to be there for 6 weeks. You're going to have to do laundry. So I'd suggest packing for 2 weeks.

I know, I'm a guy and guys are simple and often clueless about girls (I don't deny that). However, I've traveled to Europe 4x (3x for 2.5 wks and 1x for a wk) and Australia (for 2wks). Everywhere I went, I had to carry my things w/ me. This summer, I'm going to be in Europe 2.5 wks w/ ONLY a carry on (my laptop MUST fit in my carry cuz of Ryanair flight restrictions).

Finally, if you could layer up on the flight over, that will give you extra suitcase space.

Best wishes in Rome!

P.S. If you do short trips in Europe through Ryanair (dirt cheap flights), they have a 1 carry on rule. Purse = 1 carry. So if you do, make sure your purse fits in your suitcase otherwise they will charge you extra.

EP said...

I packed the morning I left the country. Probably not the best idea, but I had everything laid out for myself beforehand. (That totally makes it better, right?)

When I went to Italy, I brought a pair of jeans, 5 tops, 3 skirts, a jacket and 2 cardigans. Not much at all, but BOTH my suitcases got lost on the way there (and back, for that matter.)

Make sure to bring at least one change of clothes in your carry-on and some essential beauty products in small containers in case your bag gets lost.

Don't bring a hairdryer or straightener. Buy those there. I had a few friends whose caught on fire while we were there. Not pretty.

... And I think that's all I got. Have SO much fun!

Mike S said...

Roll your shirts/dresses instead of folding -- makes for a lot less wrinkles. Hanging stuff up in the bathroom while your showering also gets rid of whatever wrinkles have formed.

Lindsay McHugh said...

I definitely agree with the rolling of the clothes. It not only lessens creases, but it gives you more room in your suitcase.

Shoes-wise, I'd say a pair of sneakers, 1-2 pairs of flips, and a pairs of heels (maybe 2)... shoes just take up so much space. Plus, then you have an excuse to buy some authentic italian shoes :)

laurwilk said...

I'm going to agree with a lot of comments above. I'd really consider cutting down on the 14 sundresses - you WILL buy things there and will probably dislike most of the clothes you bring because you'll want new things. STOP BUYING THINGS, WOMAN!

Also as I said before, try to bring clothes with a bit of stretch in them. They'll wear much better on buses, trains, planes and you won't have to do laundry as often.

Definitely buy your blow dryer and straightener there. Share the cost with a friend. Even if you buy an adapter for electronics, it doesn't always work out so well. My adapted melted to my straightener. I was stuck buying a new one when I got back and that was my MOST FAVORITE. (I know you have curly hair now so maybe this is totally pointless.)

As others said, roll things and carry your bag around ahead of time. Struggling to carry a bag around when you are in a rush is one of the worst things, EVER.

Cut down on shoes. I would bring one pair of closed toed shoes, one pair of flip flops (maybe two if you have to go brown and black) and one pair of heels.

You will be SO HAPPY with yourself later if you pack LIGHT!

amanda rae said...

this is what i did when i moved to london for 9 months: try to pack as many of the heavy stuff into your carry on because they don't weigh those, that includes shoes and books and heavier clothes like towels (or buy one there) and jeans. it's a pain in the rear to carry because it's going to be heavy, but then you can pack more things in your checked bag.

also, like EVERYONE has said, you are going to buy tons of stuff there. trust me, european fashion is so much better.

do not bring hair things likes driers and such because you will blow them up and even if you don't blow them up the electrical current is wonky and when you come back they won't work the same.

and don't bring toiletries, they have walgreen type places everywhere.

don't feel bad about the 14 dresses thing, i'm totally like that as well. i think i brought like 9 pairs of jeans with me.

the most important thing to remember is to take into consideration the things that you want to bring back with you when you come home. i ended up leaving a bunch of books and clothes in london because i needed room for my new stuff.

Marisa said...

Remember that your dresses need to be about kneelength in the religous places and your shoulders must be covered- and Rome is HOT in June so you want to wear something maybe ligther than a cardigan- bring like a button down blouse that can be worn over a dress... Other than that- Have an AMAZING time.

Sarah Elizabeth said...

i agree with most of what was said above...

1) 14 dresses is ridic...get rid of some
2) bring stuff you can layer bc its gets cold at night there
3)roll everything, it saves space
4) bring stuff that u can mix-and-match with a lot of other things
5) for shoes...see #4
6) leave from for stuff you'll bring back. I bought a leather jacket when i was in rome (it was real italian leather..com' on lol) and it barely fit...keep that in mind

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