Sunday, May 24, 2009

Il Nostro Piccolo Apartamento

Our little so cute!

It's very different from anything in America, but that's what studying abroad is all about. There is no air conditioning, so we have all of our windows open to get some fresh air.

Now..the tour!

Tiny kitchen

Living room...don't ask why we have an awkward cot and not a couch..

Bathroom....we have a bidet...also strange to me

Sweet doors to our bedroom


Bedroom and roomie reading

Balcony that wraps around the apartment part 1

Balcony that wraps around the apartment part 2

Tomorrow night, we plan to head to the open air market to buy pasta, sauce, veggies, wine and spices and cook dinner in our apartment to eat on our balcony!


KLC said...

what a cute place!

Caitlyn said...

this is so cute! you must be having an amazing time!

EP said...

What a cute little apartment! Are you loving it SO much already or what?

Amber said...

How cute!! You sound so happy already! I'm so glad! Keep these posts coming, I'm loving hearing about it (and living through your adventures! Ha!), take care! :)

Anonymous said...

are there 2 toilets in your bathroom?

Andhari said...

Cute place, Jess. It's nice to take in all the differences :)