Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Fabulous Barcelona

I really loved Barcelona!

We arrived in Barcelona on Saturday early afternoon and headed to Urbaney Hostel. We were pretty happy with our 6 person dorm room hostel. It was very nice and a good place for young people to stay.

Reilly and I on the terrace of our hostel with the Torre Agbar in the background

To see the city, we purchased a pass for the tour bus that lets you hop on and off as you please. We rode around on the bus for a few hours checking out the city and stopped off a few times.

Some of the highlights we saw: La Sagrada Familia and Gaudi's architecture.

La Sagrada Familia

People in Barcelona generally don't eat dinner until very late, so we ate dinner around midnight. We ate at an amazing restaurant. The sangria was awesome!

Delicious sangria at dinner

After dinner, we headed to a bar called Chupito's that my friend Sarah recommended to me. The bar specializes in shots that involve fire. I had a "boy scout" shot where I roasted a marshmallow over a fire on the bar and then took a shot. Another shot that we did had us dipping our thumb in the alcohol, the bartender lighting out finger on fire, sucking our thumb and then taking the shot. This bar was definitely an experience to say the least.

On Sunday, we headed to the beach (my favorite!). It was a beautiful day, and we spent hours relaxing and reading on the beach. The beach wasn't as clean as I thought it would be, but we were on the first beach near the city, so maybe that's to be expected.


Sunday night, we went out for another great dinner. I had steak which was really great considering I don't eat a lot of meat here in Rome. After dinner, we headed to the "Magic Fountain" to see an amazing show of lights, fountains, and music. It was great.

Fountain show

After that, we wandered down La Rambla, a pretty happening street full of bars, clubs, and restaurants.

Barcelona was great and I had so much fun. There are definitely some things I didn't get to see, but overall, I think I was able to catch a lot in the short 2 days I spent there.
Have you ever been to Barcelona? What was your favorite part?

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