Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Florence and Venice Purchases

I have no money left in my bank account...but I have a beautiful new leather bag from Florence!

Let's just say Florence and Venice were a success.

More tomorrow about what I saw and did while there, but for now, let's get to the important stuff: the shopping. Everyone told me that Florence and Venice were fabulous for shopping and they definitely weren't wrong.

In Florence, I went to an open air market that sold tons of leather (what Florence is famous for) scarves, jewelry and other things.

I bought a beautiful leather bag...it took me 3 hours to pick out because I'm very picky, but I'm definitely happy with it. I also bought a few scarves and some gifts for my family.

Girls with our leather bags

In Venice, I bought a ton of Murano glass (Venice's speciality) jewelry. Everything was so reasonable priced! I bought each piece of jewelry for 5 euros.

Roommates and our rings! Can you guess which hand is mine?

I also bought an adorable 5 euros nautical tote bag with an anchor! Love!

Venice bag

Success? I think so!


Angela K. Nickerson said...

Oh, I get a new leather bag every time I go to Florence. I just budget for it now. Try the leather school at Santa Croce if you want something truly lovely. Unlike many of the stores, it is actually a real leather school, and their bags are gorgeous! :)

Enjoy your purchases! It sounds like your summer in Italy is fab! :)

Andhari said...

here I had been wondering when you gonna shop and splurge, nice purchases Jess!:)