Saturday, June 27, 2009

Italians In Love

If there is one major thing I've noticed about Italian culture during my time in Rome, it's that Italian couples seem to be way more in love than American couples.

Everywhere I go in Rome, I see Italian couples holding hands at a trattoria, kissing by a fountain, and even snuggling on the metro! At first I thought it was absolutely adorable, but now I'm wondering....are Italians just way more in love than Americans?

Is it something about their culture? In America, if you walk down a street, it's not unlikely to see a couple arguing. In Italy, it's definitely not uncommon to see a couple making out on a street corner.

Is it just me? Am I just noticing things, or is it true? Are Italian couples more in love than American couples?

For those of you who have been to Italy, what do you think?


Lacey Bean said...

I don't think they're more in love, it's just that Italians and a lot of other European countries are more open with public displays of affection than we are.

Anonymous said...

I agree w/ Lacey. Europeans, especially Italians & the French, are more open w/ their PDA. They're very expressive. While Americans are expressive, as a culture, we frown on extremely expressive PDA

Jenn said...

When I was in Spain I noticed the same thing. I think in addition to being more open about PDA, it has a lot to do with their housing situations. In Madrid, rent was so expensive that most young college graduates still lived at home with their parents (plus no one really "goes away" to school like we do in the US). So since the couples couldn't make out in their dorm rooms/apartments, they did it outside in parks and stuff.